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Want To Join Our Gymnastics Team Program?

These athletes give a 10 month to a year commitment depending on their team. They train with the same group throughout the year giving them a chance to build close friendships with their fellow teammates as well as their coach. By gaining these friendships they become supportive and encourage each other throughout the year. Athletes in a team program have the opportunity to participate and represent our club in events such as The Santa Claus Parade, Skating Party, School Demos, Team Fun Night, Cartwheels for Cash, Showcase and a Banquet. These programs require a parent volunteer commitment.

2022 - 2023 Team Program Tryouts

The Barrie Kempettes Gymnastics Club will be holding �Tryouts� for new and current athletes who are interested in being part of the Barrie Kempettes team programs for the upcoming season.

What you need for a Tryout: $25.00 Tryout Fee (CASH ONLY- non refundable), $80.00 Deposit (Cash, E-Transfer, VISA or MasterCard) and a complete Volunteer Application Form & Try Out Questionnaire. If your child is selected for a Team Program, the $80.00 will be put towards your yearly fees. If your child is not selected, the $80.00 will be returned to you. Please contact the Main Office for more details.

The tryouts are designed to determine and assess whether or not an athlete is well suited for our team programs. Athletes will be tested on various skills and physical abilities. Once tryouts are complete, parents will be informed by email as to which program their athlete has been selected for or not.

Team tryouts will be held for Women�s Artistic Gymnastics, Men�s Artistic Gymnastics and Tumbling. All programs offer an �Advanced Rec� option (non-competitive), an �Interclub� option (competitive) and a �Provincially / Nationally Competitive� option.

Parents and athletes are encouraged to arrive approximately 10 - 15 minutes prior to the start of their tryout to pay the $25 (CASH) Tryout Fee and make the $80 Deposit. The $25 Tryout Fee must be paid in cash. The $80 Deposit goes towards the athlete�s yearly team fees and can be paid by E-Transfer to, MasterCard or VISA. Please note that if your child is not selected for one of our team programs, the $80 deposit will be returned to you.

We encourage everyone who is interested to come and tryout. All gymnasts coming to tryouts should be in appropriate gymnastics attire (i.e.: body suit or shorts and a t-shirt and bare feet).

Tryout Schedule:

June 21st

4:00 pm - Girls Pre Competitive Age 5 - 8 years (2018 - 2015)

6:30 pm - Girls WAG-Optional Level 6 + Age 9 years + (2014 and under)

7:00 pm - Tumbling - Boys & Girls, Advanced/Interclub/Competitive Age 8 years + (2015 and under)

June 22nd

4:00 pm - Girls Advanced & WAG - Compulsory Level 1 - 5, Ages 7 - 9 years (2016 - 2014)

6:00 pm - Girls Advanced & WAG - Compulsory Level 1 - 5, Ages 10 - 12 years (2013 - 2011)

7:00 pm - Girls Advanced & WAG - Compulsory Level 1 - 5, Ages 13 years + (2010 and under)

June 23

4:00 pm - Boys (MAG) Ages 7 years + (2016 and under)

5:00 pm - WAG - XCEL/Invitational, Age 7 years + (2016 and under)

6:00 pm - Open Try Out (all ages and levels)

Important Try Out Information:

  • Please ensure your child brings a bag to keep all their personal belongings in ... this includes a water bottle and a yoga mat/towel. Athletes should come dressed and ready to go. Non Slip socks are recommended.
  • Please ensure your child uses the washroom before attending.
  • There will be NO parent Viewing for the duration of the try out.
  • All athletes will complete passive screening before enter the building.



Girls Advanced - Age 7 years +

(2 Hour & 4 Hour)

Girls Pre Competitive - Ages 4 - 8 years

(Tiny (3 Hrs), Mini (6 Hrs), PC 1 (9 Hrs), PC 2 (11 Hrs) & PC 3 - (14 hrs +)

Girls Xcel - 7 years +

(6 Hours +)

Advanced/Interclub Tumbling - Age 8 yrs +

(2 - 5.5 Hours)

Girls WAG - Compulsory - Age 7 years +

(12 Hour +, 8 Hour & 6 Hour)

Girls WAG - Optional - 9 years +

(17 Hours +)

Boys Advanced/Interclub - Age 7 years +

(2 - 6 Hours +)

Provincial Tumbling - Age 9 years +

(5 Hours +)

**All tryouts will last approximately 2 hours**

All ages stipulated above are as of December 31st, 2023.


1. $25.00 Tryout Fee (EXACT CASH ONLY non-refundable) *Exception: Rescheduled tryout.

2. $80.00 Deposit. (Cash, Mastercard, Visa or E-Transfer to If your child is selected your deposit will be applied to your yearly fees. If your child is not selected your deposit will be returned to you.

3. Tryout Questionnaire - will be emailed out to you upon registration and must be filled out and sent back to the Main Office.

4. Team Membership Application Form for volunteer hours must be completed and sent back to the Main Office.

5. Water bottle & grips (if you have them).

Please note : Athletes unable to attend the scheduled dates must make arrangements to reschedule a tryout PRIOR to the actual tryout date. The Head Coach must receive in writing why a reschedule is necessary. The cost may vary according to the time and coach required. NO spaces will be held after the actual tryout date.

You will be emailed your Welcome Package upon acceptance onto a team.

Programs Offered

Girls Advanced
Ages 7 Years Plus
2 and 4 hour Programs
WAG - Compulsory
Ages 7 Years Plus
6, 8 and 12 Hour Program
Boys (MAG) Program
Boys only, Boys wanting to learn more challenging skills. Age 7 +
Interclub Tumbling
Ages 7 Years Plus
4 hour Program - Girls & Boys
Competitive Tumbling
Ages 8 Years Plus
5 hour + Program - Girls & Boys 
Ages 5 - 8 Years
3, 6, 9, 12, 15+ hour Programs
Ages 7 years +
Ages 9 Years Plus
16 hour + Program

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